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    Hangzhou Deyoung Purification Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing production of compressed air Purification Equipment, products are frozen type dryer, adsorption dryer, low dew point combined drying machine, compressed gas heat regenerative adsorption dryer, zero consumption of regenerative adsorption dryer, filter, blower dryer, self-cleaning air filters, compressed air precooling unit, oil-water separator, efficient degreaser, storage tanks, the back of the cooler, heat exchanger, silencer, and all kinds of filters, automatic drainer, adsorbent, etc. Series of products. According to user needs, provide air-cooled, water-cooled, standards, fluorine-free, high temperature, instrument, microcontroller, programmable, frequency conversion control, high pressure and explosion proof etc. Various type and characteristics of compressed air purification equipment, is the most complete product counterparts, the optimal quality, one of the most advanced technology, the most competitive enterprises. 
Hangzhou Deyoung Purification Equipment Co., Ltd, has strong product development, design and manufacturing capabilities, on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with domestic actual working condition characteristics, successfully developed DE % source licensing, compressed air purification equipment is all kinds of oil, oil free air compressor post-processing purification equipment. The companys products are widely used in aerospace, electronics, electricity, shipbuilding, non-ferrous metals, tobacco, machinery, automobile manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, cotton, chemical fiber, light industry, papermaking, rubber, instrumentation, food, air separation, medicine, biological, chemical, spraying and other industries, the best-selling more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions, and exported to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions, has been received by thousands of users at home and abroad and welcome. 
   Hangzhou Deyoung Purification Equipment Co., Ltd The aim of "strives for realism the innovation, and sustainable management", in modern enterprise management concept, the development of entity, expand the space, adhere to the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center. Facing the future, DE source people continue to first-class quality, advanced technology, satisfied service dedicated to the sustainable development of the gas purification and in the shortest time, highest efficiency, the most sincere responsible attitude wholeheartedly for the customer service. 

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