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Heat regenerative adsorption dryers
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A, flow chart

Two, product introduction

- compressed air heat regenerative adsorption dryer (also known as compression heat regenerative adsorption dryer), is the use of regenerative desiccant air compressor using the heat of high temperature exhaust heat directly, cancelled tepefaction regeneration type electric heater, at the same time because there is no gas consumption of heating regeneration, the greatest degree of saving energy.

In order to ensure the regeneration effect, making up for the exhaust temperature of the compressor to seasonal changes in decline is not up to the requirements, but also an additional auxiliary heater, also

Zero consumption of gas compressor heat adsorption dryer for your choice.

Three, product characteristics

Energy saving, low dew point, convenient operation, high performance to price ratio

With consistent outlet pressure dew point

Design and control of cylinder body is reasonable, the flow of air through the dryer at a slower increase in contact time, compressed air and desiccant, satisfy the refined gas dew point.

Desiccant rich quantity of O 30%, to compensate for the adsorbent of natural aging, ensure desiccant maintain optimal performance always in life expectancy in.

Large air diffuser, ensure uniform airflow through the desiccant layer, remove channeling phenomenon;

The design of time sequence, the mature and perfect, the programmable controller through PLC, realized automatic detection and control, friendly operation interface;

- adopt international famous brand pneumatic butterfly valve and double guide rod stainless steel check valve, the resistance is small, action is accurate, reliable, long life;

- high efficiency cooler and a gas-liquid separator, ensure that the adsorption at room temperature and humidity conditions, the adsorption load stability, adsorbent life security;

Energy saving: the intake temperature wet saturated are fully utilized in the process of heating regeneration equipment, complete regeneration of the adsorbent regeneration tower. In order to achieve a little loss of regeneration gas. To achieve high energy saving and low fault the best combination.

In the air into the barrel before, except by the efficient oil filter processing, instant purge stream containing water, oil and heavy contamination, avoid desiccant layer contamination.

Control system with high reliability, programmable control. Implementation of various operating parameters can be adjusted, automatic control, convenient operation, reliable performance. The control can realize the automatic dew point testing of the display and control.

Overall, skid type design, compact structure, no need to install foundation, easy to install;

Four, the technical parameters

Inlet temperature: - 120 DEG -180 DEG (standard 150 C)

- inlet oil content: less than 0.1PPm

- working pressure range: 0.6-1.0MPa (standard 0.7MPa)

- pressure drop: less than 0.02MPa

- air dew point: -40 C

- work period: 8 hours (standard) or dew point instrument control (optional)

- adsorbents: high strength special alumina and molecular sieve

- cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa

- cooling water temperature is less than or equal to 32 DEG C:

- control mode: PLC programmable control

- Installation: no basis for the installation

- regeneration gas consumption: less than or equal to 2%

- Power: 220V/50HZ

- Power: 100W

Note: data in the table is for reference only, please ask for drawings, engineering application.

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