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Blast heat regenerative adsorption dryers
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Product description:

Ambient air blower extraction using, after heating to regenerate desiccant, avoid micro heat regeneration type dryer in gas loss of the heating section. It is especially suitable for regeneration of small gas consumption occasions

The characteristics of:

The use of the environment to regenerate the desiccant air heating?

No heat regeneration gas consumption?

The dew point pressure dew point? Stability, low, low consumption of regeneration gas

High protection grade IP44?

By using the adsorption agent of high performance?

Automatic pressure function extension? Desiccant life

Efficient and reliable components?

The use of working conditions and technical indexes:

Working pressure range: 0.6 ~ 1.0MPa

Regeneration gas consumption: less than or equal to 2%

Pressure dew point: -40 C (-70 C can be customized)

The inlet air temperature is less than or equal to 45 DEG C:

Adsorbent, activated alumina and molecular sieve

Cycle time: 8 hours

Power supply: 380V/3PH/50HZ

Control mode: full automatic control

Note: data in the table is for reference only, please ask for drawings, engineering application.

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