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Low dew point combined dryer
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A, flow chart


Two, product introduction

Compressed air dryer, commonly used in the main refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryer two types, wherein refrigeration dryer has the advantages of no volume loss, low energy consumption, but there are limitations of dew point temperature; and the adsorption type dryer has the advantages with low dew point, but the volume of regeneration gas loss, high energy consumption disadvantages. The company developed a combined low dew point compressed air dryer, is the organic combination of freeze drying technology and adsorption drying technology, break through simple series refrigeration device and the absorbing device of the common, through the reasonable line connections and capacity collocation, maximize the advantages of the two, so as to achieve the best economic the running point and high quality low dew point of product gas.

Three, the principle of work

High temperature, high humidity from the air compressor to compress air, first in the heat exchanger and dried at low temperature heat exchange of compressed air, reduce the temperature, then enters into the evaporator is further cooled to about 2 DEG C, the pressure dew point most gaseous water has become the liquid water is discharged, then the moisture content is very low the compressed air into the cylinder is further adsorption dehumidification drying, get lower dew point of finished product gas at low temperature, dry compressed air into the heat exchanger, cooling the air with high temperature and high humidity, temperature will rise at the same time itself, preventing the tube outside condensation and road transportation, heating after the compression of a small part of air used for regeneration of adsorbent, increase regeneration efficiency, reduce energy consumption. The "low temperature adsorption, unique working principle of normal temperature regeneration", to ensure that substantially reduce the regeneration gas adsorption dryer consumption and dew point.

Four, design features

- 1, cold and dry machine, oil removing filter dry machine, is integrated in the integrated design, compact and reasonable structure, convenient installation and use;

- 2, good drying effect, low dew point, quality of product gas with high regeneration, low air consumption;

- 3, long work period, desiccant and prolong the service life of more than three times higher than the ordinary dry machine, save maintenance cost;

- 4, microcomputer program control, realize the operation control automation;

- 5, with imports of dew point hygrometer, PLC liquid crystal display, Gao Lu point alarm, interlock, the host computer communication interface (optional).

Five, working condition and technical

- inlet pressure: 0.4-1.0MPa (below 6.4Mpa to accept orders)

- the intake temperature: 50 C or 80 C

- cooling: air cooling or water cooling

- finished gas dew point: -40 C ~ -70 C

The temperature of the environment: less than or equal to 40 DEG C -,

The cooling water temperature is less than or equal to 32 DEG C: -

- regeneration gas consumption: 3%-5%

- adsorbents: activated alumina and molecular sieve

- control: microcomputer program control

- Installation: indoor, foundation, concrete ground leveling

- regeneration mode: there is no heat regeneration and micro heat regeneration

Note: data in the table is for reference only, please ask for drawings, engineering application.

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