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Self-cleaning air filter
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One, overview

After the inhalation of dust containing air power equipment of air, will cause the wear of equipment, inhalation of dust in the wind turbine blade surface fouling, resulting in decreased accuracy of dynamic balance equipment of the rotor, so that the work life is greatly shortened, harmful chemical composition of dust will make equipment rust, corrosion, therefore, air powered equipment must be equipped with high precision air filter.

FA series self - cleaning air filter is the basis of similar products at home and abroad to improved, has reached the international advanced level.

Two, the scope of application

1, the industry of various types of air compressor station, small capacity compressor multiple combination, large capacity of a match a use.

The raw material of air compressor, oxygen making station 2.

Blast furnace blower 3, iron and steel plant.

4, the capacity of various gas turbine.

5, need long time operation of diesel engine.

6, chemical fiber textile industrial air conditioning system.

7, the central air conditioning system of dust in the air in the higher requirement of.

The characteristics and advantages of three, products

1, this product can be based on user requirements and the dust collecting bucket, dust-proof net, water washing dedusting method to solve the two pollution at the bottom.

2, the equipment is controlled by the intelligent dispenser, self-cleaning in three ways, namely (1) timing (2) pressure difference (3) manual.

Automatic cleaning 3, this equipment can realize the air filter element, make the equipment run as usual, without affecting the normal work of other filter element.

4, can work normally at 100% relative humidity conditions.

5, the filter area is large, low velocity, resistance loss is small, and the resistance loss of value of local display and 4-20mA remote signal.

6, the filter element has long service life, in general environmental conditions, the filter element replacement period of up to 2 years.

7, a high degree of automation, the main components are imported, can realize unmanned operation.

8, the anti wind less gas consumption, generally 0.1 ~ 0.4m3/min (state of the suction pressure of 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa).

9, light equipment weight, 1/3-1/2 bag is the same capacity.

10, reasonable design, design of high-rise building blocks to achieve bent, combined type, convenient and fast installation.

11, the products have special requirements, the company can be non-standard design according to customer requirements, meet the needs of customers.

Four, the structure and working principle

1, the structure principle diagram:

The first level coarse filter box 11, anti blowing nozzle

The high efficiency filter cylinder 12, a pulse electromagnetic valve

13, a sealing washer, oil-water separator

The venturi tube 14, the programmable controller (PLC)

The net pipe 15, control instrument

The set of port 16, compressed air entrance

The purified gas outlet pipe 17, a power supply plug

The negative pressure probe A, the red line for the electric line

The negative pressure difference control instrument B, green line for the filtration process

10 negative pressure difference alarm C, yellow line for the self-cleaning process

2, the filtration process

The dust containing air via the air compressor suction effect, sucked from the first level coarse filtration box, after filtration barrel due to inertia gravity diffusion, contact resistance remains the comprehensive role, the dust is adsorbed in the high efficiency filter cartridges, clean air through a sealing washer entering the venturi tube to the confluence of the clean air chamber to set port and then from the net gas outlet pipe is air compressor suction and.

3, self cleaning process

The dust containing air through a filter, dust is adsorbed in the high efficiency filter cartridges, set by PLC according to the time sequence of blowback self-cleaning process, when the resistance loss of value of more than 500 kPa, by PLC according to the differential pressure sequence control counter blowing self-cleaning process (reverse blowing time is 0.1-0.2 seconds), other high efficiency filter cartridges as usual work, dust is blowback from clean down.

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