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Air cooling temperature freezing drying machine
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A, flow chart

Two, the principle of work

Freeze dryer is according to the cooling dehumidification principle, the use of full closed compressor refrigeration system of air compressor, the compressed gas discharged by cooling, which contained a large number of saturated steam, oil mist condensation droplets, after gas water separation by automatic drainage device discharge. The higher temperature of the saturated compressed gas into the pre cooler cold and dry machine, heat exchange with the cold gas from the evaporator in the pre cooler, evaporator lower temperature after entering the refrigeration system, carries on second times of heat exchange with the refrigerant steam, the temperature itself down to the evaporation temperature close to the refrigerant, in two secondary cooling process, the water vapor compressed gas to condense into liquid droplets in and with the air flow into the gas water separator, the separated liquid water automatic drainage device discharge machine, low temperature drying compressed gas into the pre cooler, and entered the wet saturated gas for heat exchange, the temperature itself is improved thus, in cold and dry machine exhaust port to get a low moisture content (i.e., the dew point is low), relative humidity drying compressed gas is very low. The refrigeration drier and become the preferred model the industry air compression station purification equipment because of reliable work, convenient management, low cost of operation.

Three, product characteristics

Collaborated refrigeration and air system: comprehensive accurate calculation by experts with the difference between the different conditions of the various regions of the country, the design parameters are left more than 20% of the volume of the rich.

- refrigeration compressor: adopt international famous brand, such as a performer, Copeland, Panasonic, Taikang, Pitzer, Hanzhong high performance compressor, stable operation, low noise, low vibration, reliable performance, high energy efficiency ratio, to ensure that the service life of the whole machine is long, protection class IP54 (dust and splash).

- heat exchanger: small and medium-sized equipment uses a unique three in one stainless steel structure, compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, heat exchanger compared with the traditional shell and tube, the unit heat transfer area 5-10 times; large heat exchanger, the wind condenser high-quality brass band of pure aluminum fin (or high tooth brass), heat transfer efficiency high, small size, compact structure.

- heat exchanger shell: materials can be stainless steel or carbon steel (carbon steel galvanization electrophoresis processing), which can avoid the air pollution two.

- refrigeration control element: Danfoss (DANFOSS) and America Spoland (SPORLAN), (ALCO) and other international well-known brand.

The gas-liquid separator: organic combination, using the cyclone separation and the stainless steel wire mesh mist, with gas-liquid separation thoroughly, avoid water two evaporation, ensure the cold dry effect machine. It is more than a cyclone separator performance is good, and at the same time than filtration type gas-liquid separator with low cost, high ratio of performance to price.

- water condenser: for high quality low wing copper pipe, slow flow, multi stroke, high heat exchange efficiency, not long-term use scaling.

Intelligent protection device - Perfect: ad hoc refrigerant high and low voltage protection, phase sequence phase lack protection, temperature protection, fault automatic stop, automatic alarm, motor overheating protection and other protection function.

The automatic drainage device setting according to the requirement, in addition to water and energy saving, the effect is good; the floating ball type, electronic timing choice.

- the outer rotor cooling fan, big air volume, low noise, long service life of the frequent start stop.

Pressure vessel part, according to the national GB150.1 ~ 150.4-2011 "pressure vessels" and GB151-1999 "the Guan Ke type heat exchanger" for manufacturing, testing and acceptance of, and accept the supervision and Technical Supervision Regulations "," pressure vessel safety.

- humanization design: scientific and reasonable structure design, convenient maintenance; surface thermal spray, beautiful appearance, does not rust; no basis for the installation, operation stable and no vibration, low maintenance rate, no consumables, low running cost, without waiting for continuous operation special.

Four, working condition and technical

Inlet temperature: room temperature is less than or equal to 50 DEG C, high temperature is less than or equal to 80 DEG C

Cooling: air (water)

Standard operating environment temperature: 40 degrees

Maximum ambient temperature: less than or equal to 40 DEG C (air)

Pressure dew point: 2 to 10 DEG C (0.7 MPa)

Refrigerant: R-22 or according to customer requirements can be used R134a, R407C, R404a and other fluorine free refrigerants

Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0MPa (6.4MPa below to accept orders)

Pressure loss: less than 0.02 MPa

Cooling water inlet temperature: less than or equal to 32 DEG C (water)

Cooling water inlet pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.4 MPa (water)

Note: 1) low type, pressure type, explosion-proof type, stainless steel, special gas, fluorine free type, variable frequency control, PLC computer control and other special requirements can be customized.

2) the data in the table is for reference only, please ask for drawings, engineering application.

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